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Kiln Drying Services

Vacuum Kiln Drying

We are one of the few retailers in the Pennsylvania / Maryland region that offers drying services with a state-of-the-art vacuum kiln.

Our vacuum kilns can take green lumber and dry it to single digit moisture readings in as little as 7-10 days using less heat than a conventional dehumidification kiln. The reduced heat and moisture draw created from the vacuum results in wood that is stable and vibrant.

Thick lumber and slabs over 8/4(2") should be properly air dried for 3-4 months per inch of thickness. This will save significant time and cost in the kiln

Partial Loads  ( less than 2000 bd ft )

$0.20 per board ft / day  (100 bd ft minimum)

Full Loads  ( greater than 2000 bd ft )

$0.15 per board ft / day

Full kiln rental charges-

$1,800 - Weekly Rate (7 days)

$6,500 - Monthly Rate (30 days)



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